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Kolibri КМ-200


Model Kolibri KM-200 The standard has won wide popularity among fans of fishing, hunting, tourism due to its versatility. The possibility of operation - both under the oars, and with the ability to install the engine. With its dimensions Kolibri KM-200 has a significant load capacity of 250 kg. 5-layer PVC material from which the product is made wi..

Kolibri КМ-260


The KM-260 is equipped with movable seats, which will allow you to optimally distribute the weight on the deck, and this is important, especially if you fish more than one. After all, the boat is designed for two people and with the load of a friend will have to reckon. By connecting two seats, you can organize a comfortable table. Kolibri KM-260 b..

Kolibri КМ-280 Kolibri КМ-280


Kolibri KM-280 can be used not only in the piecemeal version, but also as a motor boat. After all, it can successfully use an engine with a capacity of up to five horsepower. The carrying capacity of such a boat is three hundred and fifty kilograms. And these are not two small people together with their cargo. Inflatable boat Kolibri KM-280 is one ..

Kolibri КМ-300


The Kolibri KM-300 boat is quite spacious, it can comfortably accommodate two fishermen, and everything you need to take with you - spinning, tackle, anchor, canister with gasoline. A unique system with mobile seats, allows you to perfectly balance the weight in the boat, and Provide excellent driving performance.Given the small size, this boat is ..

Kolibri КМ-330


The Kolibri KM-330 boat is a 4-seater model of the Standard series. It is possible to use both under the oars, and with the installation of a outboard motor up to 12 hp. The spacious cockpit and the carrying capacity of the floating craft, which is 450 kg, make it possible to transport not only passengers, but also dimensional cargoes.It has three ..

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