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Kolibri K-190


This is a single boat with a carrying capacity of 100 kg. Kolibri K-190 boat is convenient in storage and transportation, thanks to its dimensions in the assembled state. Also it should be noted ease of assembly - dismantling. Kolibri K-190 Super Light inflatable boat consists of two interconnected seals, perfectly preserves the balance. It is made..

Kolibri K-210


The K-210 caliber is designed for 1 passenger and has a carrying capacity of 110 kg. Dimensions The K-210 Super Light in transport condition leave 74x35x30 cm, and therefore minimum storage is required for storage and transportation. A convenient transportation bag will allow the boat to be delivered to hard-to-reach places. The craft makes 5 layer..

Kolibri K-230


Kolibri K-230 is the top model of the Super Light series! PVC density of 750 g / m2, of which the product is made, has a high strength. The carrying capacity of the boat is one hundred and twenty kilograms. Single-row, rowing boat, Kolibri K-230 can be used not only by fishermen, but also by active rest enthusiasts for walking on water and for carg..

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