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Body, seams, materials, accessories

Kolibri RKM-250


KOLIBRI »RKM-250 is a two-seater rowboat with the ability to install a outboard boat engine with a capacity of up to 3.0 hp. In this boat, all the main advantages of rotomoulded plastic boats are vividly expressed: unsinkability due to the monolithic nature of the hull and the presence of buoyancy blocks, seat;Durability and reliability - even in c..

Kolibri RKM-350


Kolibri RKM-350 is a three-seater plastic boat, perfect for both river and sea walks on oars. Also, if desired, a built-in transom can install a boat engine with a power of no more than 5 hp. This model has a monolithic construction and is made of high-density polymer material (HDPE-RM). Such material does not enter into chemical reactions, frost-r..

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